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"The Gift: A Sensual Journey into Personal Alchemy" - a Novel by Diana Rose




I am very happy to provide my recommendations regarding The Gift, by Diana Rose.  It has made me reflect deeply on sexuality, fertility, pregnancy, conception, the celebration and the Zen of life -- especially regarding young people and how they might handle our traditional rites of passage in a more honoring and healthful way:

  • As a medical doctor dealing with questions of fertility, pregnancy, conception, raising of children, I would love for The Gift to be in the hands of all young parents -- or any couple that wants to become parents.  Our haphazard way of approaching love, sex, and conception leads to many difficulties.  I look forward to an era when we act much more consciously to honor the deeper value of sex in all loving relationships – the importance of preparation for conception mentally, emotionally, and physically through health and nutrition.
  • As a doctor, I talk about the nutrition for conception.  The Gift speaks of the state of mind, the state of heart for conception.  I am sure that this is every bit as impacting on the future infant: State of mind, state of heart, and state of nutrition.
  • Normally we compartmentalize our most ecstatic acts of love, our memories of joy in each other into some confined part of life.  Some might see this as a book about sexuality; but it’s a book of love.  It explores the highest, most romantic possibilities for loving, for life.  In addition, it has practical advice for our romantic relationships.
  • The Gift has me thinking again, reminding me of the magical parts of my loving relationships.  I’m thinking, why have I left those to be little memories stuck away in a book of my life, of the past?  Why not bring those out, plaster them around the walls of my home, on my refrigerator door, really have them on the inside of my eyes so I’m looking out through them all the time…?
  • In a way, The Gift is about the Zen of living.  Somehow it has a way of bringing up this extra quality inherent in each moment of life -- just as a Zen practice can impact each breath and each moment of our lives.
  • Anything that encourages us to roam deeply in our inner world, to bring affirmative images and positive emotions that we feel in love and intimacy – to bring them to intense aliveness, awareness, to help them be more prominent in our inner world -- is a wonderful Gift...

Young Adults and Rites of Passage

  • Our rites of passage have become an unconscious act of circumstance in modern life. Too often that is the case.  Our rite of passage into intimate loving relationships, into deeply loving adult sexual partnerships is not being addressed.  We are not truly prepared for this passage. Many people find their first journey into love to be problematic and disappointing. 
  • This book in the hands of young people can be one step in correcting this problem: How do you approach the act of love in an honoring way...?  I especially like # 22: “Benevolence is at the heart of all sensuality.”  I think that’s a most important understanding for young people.

There is such importance in the work for young adults.  In so many ways of life, not just  sexuality, our young people are not prepared -- for running a home, for preparing food, for budgeting finances, for raising children, for truly being prepared to create  honoring, loving sensuality – to create a real, loving family.  I think it must be a very big disappointment for young adults to come so close to their dreams and not have them succeed. 

There is the possibility for The Gift to be used to bring more into awareness the importance for our young people, whatever it takes, to be more prepared for love. And, of course, being more fruitful in love is good at any age…

Beloved Communities

  • If we can begin to talk about the act, the moment of conception and bring this into modern language, something that we talk about with a great deal of reverence and importance, then we can truly make improvements in areas we term “unwanted births” – improvements that we might call beloved families.  I would like this book, The Gift, to extend beyond being beloved as an individual to being beloved as a family; to extend this notion of what it feels like to be beloved, and having that understanding extend to a whole family where there is love and honor present.  In this is a larger, more holistic sense of being beloved; and by extension, by our having more and more beloved families, we can have beloved communities.  So I think this is one piece to creating beloved community
  • Community that has fear, suspicion, doubt, questions of security – that’s not really community.  These modern living situations, living in insecure proximity, can be stress-provoking experiences.  But I think it can be groundbreaking to open ourselves to the experience of being beloved.  From truly giving and receiving The Gift of love and opening to the “vulnerabilities of the universe” is an important step toward creating modern loving communities:  The loving communities of the coming era.



In the darkest days after the 2000 election, no one could have predicted with certainty that the next symbolic leader of our people might either be female or Black.  Yet here we are.  No Country for Old Men wins the Best Picture Oscar, but what is moving toward Bethlehem to be born is not its shallow male horrors, but this amazing and wondrous book, The Gift, by Diana Rose.
Scientists would say that biologically females invented sex (and males) to produce a better chance of species survival.  That has worked out as a strategy, but men have failed to provide a physical/spiritual way forward.  Thrusting is bankrupt except for the trivial sensual pleasures erection sometimes affords.

Here is what Diana Rose says in The Gift:

  1. “It would be difficult to imagine all the ancient Egyptian African divine feminine voices that Isis represents over eons in our world.”
  2. Isis and her daughters “are not statues in our past but voices and symbols and messages embedded somehow within us but without eyes to see…”
  3. “Love is the greatest gardener. … Your body is the gardener’s dream…”
  4. “All loss and unrequited fullness of love are the same…  Ultimately is not every problem, every pain – the ache to be loved and touched? … we are [Earth’s] thoughts and minds and she loves us."

Lysistrata thought that women’s crossing their legs in denial would snap men out of it.  Perhaps, but she could not get women to actually do it.  The Gift is what women can do to bring in Nova Earth…

  1. Woman “is a drawer of universes.”
  2. As a Giver of The Gift, women “will create the Beloved where before there was none…”
  3. Men “will begin to feel that which in [them] is authentic and beloved and this can be a shock.”
  4. To the women: “You cannot take their Brotherhood from them, because they took your Sisterhood from you."

The book ends: “And She settled in to Love him again…”

She has.

The Gift could well be as revolutionary as it seems.  I have no way of knowing, but it’s got a better chance than American Foreign Policy.




     Before I read even the first page of The Gift, Mary Magdalene came through to me, pulsating ever increasing waves of love until I was shaking all over.  She was conveying to me simply her tremendous love for Yeshua [Jesus]; now I understood.  This is how we are supposed to love…

     Suddenly I could see very clearly the shining beauty of the men whom I had known in my past, the tremendous gifts they had to give me.  I wish I had seen that before, but instead what I saw was what was wrong -- not what was right

     After I read The Gift, I spent a week apologizing to my body…   The Gift teaches us how to love not only our partners but ourselves.  I now see myself more as the wondrous being that I truly am; I appreciate my own “gifts” so much more.

    Love is the “Gift” of the book’s teaching.  I am grateful that it has been written now, when we need this information so badly.  Many thanks to the courageous author who stepped up to the plate and said here, this is how it’s done!



I was once blessed to see Joseph Campbell deliver a talk in San Francisco.  In the talk he lamented the fact that our culture is almost devoid of overt rituals that bridge the gap between our day-to-day delusion and the innate joy (bliss) that is our birthright.  In the spirit of “following her bliss”, Diana Rose has connected with an ancient wisdom and a ritual that holds an important and world-healing truth. 

On the one hand, ‘The Gift’ is a highly readable and practical guide into an ecstatic realm of sexual intimacy between loving couples.  On the other, ‘The Gift’ offers its readers and the world a healing that is almost impossible to describe in words.  Like passages in a great symphony each paragraph delivers a persistent reminder of our true calling here during this lifetime.  And, like a symphonic masterwork that is more incantation than prose it awakens a creative force that lies dormant in most people.

The ‘ceremony’ which lies at the heart of this book elevates the concept of “Making Love” from a popular catch-phrase to a critical lesson of our time.  Through the sacred union of loving couples, the nurturing force of the feminine restores balance and harmony in the world.  What a miracle, that we can literally create boundless love.

‘The Gift’ celebrates the best in all of us. Diana Rose and those who imparted this wisdom to her deserve our reverent gratitude.  This is a journey from which few who depart will return unchanged. 



The Gift reawakens and reconnects a spiritual energy that most will be able to identify, even if they have never put thought into it or questioned why we have a physical connection at all, other than personal procreation. But I would have to ask, how many are actually aware of what that true pleasure is, where it comes from, why it is there, how does this energy reach beyond egos, room radius?

If water is said to be affected by mere vocal words, musical tones, words written on a piece of paper (The Hidden Secrets of Water, Masaru Emoto), what kind of energy comes from love and love making?!! Why are these desires here, why do we feel an unexplained reconnection when we read certain scriptures or ritual as described in The Gift?”



Diana Rose has brought forth a book that has the potential to spark a revolution.  To balance the energy of sexuality in our culture will only make a global change we desperately need.  To know what a gift is and to completely receive it, breaks through the cultural and historical binds that ensnare us all.

The Gift should not be mistaken as a “how-to” manual.  It is the path of recognition that enables the union of two people to be in the heart of compassion and true vulnerability.

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