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"The Gift: A Sensual Journey into Personal Alchemy" - a Novel by Diana Rose

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The Gift by Diana Rose
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The Gift by Diana Rose...

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…An ancient alchemical Ceremony of love is given, said to have been taken from the Woman thousands of years ago and now returned for her to give only to her male Beloved partner -- on a planet where male-female relationships and their fertility are troubled, where women are still deeply dishonored and abandoned children roam the planet in great sadness. Only the Woman can Give the Gift.  What does this mean for planet Earth and for the Men who receive it?  How is the love of same-sex couples honored? Presented as a novel, the Author says the story is true and presents it under the protection of pseudonym.  Why?  Can simply reading The Gift evoke powerful universal forces in body and mind for male and female?...  

Liberating, Loving, Empowering, Endless…  The Gift

RoseTo initiate new beginnings of the body, new relationships of the soul…
RoseTo activate universal body and create deeper love in committed partnership…
RoseTo create new love from lost love.  First love, last love -- love in a body of wisdom and grace.   The ancient touch of magic returns to the skin of man…
RoseTo love and care for all children on the planet in partnership – our children -- and thus come to know true fertility in the Earth again… Woman.  Man.  The Gift.


 “As a medical doctor dealing with questions of fertility, pregnancy, conception, raising of children, I would love for The Gift to be in the hands of all young parents -- or any couple who want to become parents.  Our haphazard way of approaching love, sex, and conception leads to many difficulties.  I look forward to an era when we act much more consciously to honor the deeper value of sex in all loving relationships – the importance of preparation for conception mentally, emotionally, and physically through health and nutrition.”     

-- Roy Ozanne, M.D. 

RoseDream a Beloved partnership…an ancient Ceremony of love to be read by the body and burned in its deepest memory...

The Gift
A Diana Rose Novel
of the Divine Feminine





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